Our Services

We believe that fiscal transparency is the key to achieve a sustaining macroeconomic stability and high-quality growth.  Our goal is to build the ultimate fiscal framework, to ensure that everyone, the tax office, the commercial units and the consumers can reap the benefits of using a reliable and efficient VAT Collection Management System.

That’s why we, BMC INTERNATIONAL, devote ourselves to long lasting Fiscal Solutions, using the best available technologies, adopting the most effective technologies for Data Security, that can meet the requirements of governments and national tax agencies for the most efficient VAT Collection Management System.

Here is a list of our services,

Fiscal Advisory

We provide advice on the specification of the law, administration and certification

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SDC Device

We develop Sales Data Controllers (SDC) to control the turnout of every business

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Part of our business is the plan, development, production and sales of Cash Registers

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Data Center Service

Operations of the critical infrastructure systems to ensure the effectivity of the VAT Collection System

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