Sales Data Controller - SDC-Mob

The SDC-Mob is a new generation of VAT Collection System, with a higher security system than most conventional fiscal machines. It can be easily connected to any POS or invoicing system, so it can provide a total solution of the terminal (Front Office: Retails shops, Restaurants, Kiosk etc.) and the server (Back Office).

The SDC-Mob system has been adopted for some governments in Europe and Africa, and we are expanding our operations in the World.

The SDC-Mob System is categorized by the IFBD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) as an effective method for anti-fraud.



For any kind of invoicing system namely POS, Cash Registers, ERP etc. Shops can still use their current non fiscal systems, provided they make the necessary changes to adopt the SDC-Mob specifications. Such modifications are fairly easy to adopt.

Communication Technology

Remote audit is done via GSM GPRS


The SDC-Mob has the capacity to save up to 20 years worth of Receipts, Daily Reports, Settings among other relevant information

Data Security

We safely keep all the data using powerful cryptographic algorithms to prevent intrusion or tampering of internal data. All steps of encryption/description is under strict scrutiny of our enhanced tools.


The case is properly sealed to avoid intrusion, any attempt to break the case will irreversibly damage the integrity of the cover

Remote Audit

The tax office will be able to perform audit procedure remotely or locally by inserting an SD Card to the audit slot of the SDC-mob.


Since Sales Data are being sent to the Datacenter on a daily basis, there is hardly any risk of the data being lost. If the SDC-mob is stolen or broken, all data until the day of the event are safely kept in the server.

Web Application

We created the most convenient and practical solution to control, monitor, analyze all data generated by the SDC-mob deployed on the field.