Summary of the Product

The CR280 ECR is a middle class durable Cash Register for those retailers such as shops and supermarkets desiring journal and receipt printing and maximum 8 clerks totals.

CR280 would be best suited for small to medium specialty stores.
The availability of a PLU function with scanner connection will help to speed -up the checkout function while increasing clerk accuracy.

The CR280 is equipped with the world’s best printer manufacturer’s heavy duty dot matrix printer EPSON M-780.


Standard Configuration

  • 2 Station dot Matrix Printer
  • 32 Department
  • 12,000 PLU
  • Header Logo Programming
  • PC Communication
  • High Speed & reliability printer head epson m780

Specification Description
Printer Type 2-station dot matrix
Maker EPSON M-780
Speed 3.5 lines/sec.
Paper Width 38.0 mm x 2
Department 32
PLU Number 800 – 3,000
Code 13 digits
Descriptor 8 digits
Clerk 8
Keyboard 45
Communication Port RS232C x 1
Interface PC/Scanner/Scale
Display Operator 9 digits/VFD
Customer 10 digits/VFD
Fiscal Version Available
Dimension 410(W)x415(D)x285(H) mm with cash drawer
Weight 13.0 Kgs
Payment Method Cash/Check/Credit
Key Operation Mode YES
Cashier YES
Drawer 5B8C
Memory Expansion Board Option
Electronic Journal Not Available