The BMC4080 is a low-cost model and combines basic and specific functions which are required as a Fiscal ECR.

The BMC4080 is user friendly with Mode Key for Cashier.

The Cash Drawer is detachable which makes it easier to carry around.

Availability of a scanner connection and 9,999 PLU which is enough number for middle class supermarket, retail shop and so on.


Standard Configuration

  • 2-station thermal printers
  • 20 Department
  • 9999 PLU
  • Header Logo Programming
  • PC Communication

Specification Description
Printer Type 2-station thermal
Maker SII LTP2W47
Speed 15 lines/sec.
Paper Width 38 mm x 2
Department 20
PLU Number 9,999
Code 13 digits
Descriptor 10 digits
Clerk 6
Keyboard 40
Communication Port RS232C x 2
Interface PC/Scanner/Scale
Display Operator 12 digits/LED
Customer 12 digits/LED
Fiscal Version Available
Dimension 380(W)x330(D)x210(H) mm w/o cash drawer
Weight 4.0 Kgs
Payment Method Cash + another 9 kinds
Key Operation Mode YES
Cashier NO
Drawer Option
Memory Expansion Board Not Available
Electronic Journal Not Available