Coin Counter CC10

Coin Sorter CC10

Manual Operation

The coin counter is operated by just turning the handle. It can be used in locations without electric outlets, such as outdoors. The actual counting procedure is done by a battery operated electronic circuit. (Requires Six AA sized batteries)

Count denomination in Mixture

A maximum of 8 different denominations can be counted at the same time, and the display can show the total amount.

Display Amounts & Count

Display amount and number of coins by each denomination. After the total calculation is completed, the total by coin denomination and the number of coins for each denomination will be shown on the operation panel.

Compact and light-weight

It can be carried anywhere!

No. of Coin Counting US Dollar
Japanese Yen
Kinds of Processing Total amount
Number of coins by denomination
Amount of coins by denomination
Coin differentiation by high-accuracy CCD
Processing Speed 25 coins/sec.
Count Display 6 digits LED
Power Supply DC9V (6 x AA batteries)
External Dimensions 174(W) x 100(H) x 207(D) mm
Weight 1.8 Kgs (includng 6 batteries)
CC10/CC20 Options
Stand: CC12-SSB


Coin Tray (H): CC12-CTH

Coin Tray (H):

Coin Tray (L): CC12-CTL

Coin Tray (L):

Sorting Bag: CCS12-SB

Sorting Bag:

Carrying Case: CCS10-CC

Carrying Case:

Mini Tube

Mini Tube:
Economic type of paper coin case.
Color coded for different denominations

Coin Bar

Coin Bar:
Plastic coin case
Color coded for different denominations