Bank Note Counter AD100

Bill Counting Machine AD100
Most compact handy bill counter ever!

AD100 counts banknote, ticket and coupon with high speed.
Handy counter suitable to count various kind of documents such as; BANK NOTE, GIFT CARD, TICKET, CHECK, etc.


  • Computerized accurate counting
  • AD100-2 has batch function for any number from 1 to 100

  • Compact design to carry to any place
  • Operated by battery or AC Adaptor
  • Comes with fancy suit case

Kinds of Processing * Count Clear mode (nomal)
* Count addition mode (ADD)
* Count Clear mode (normal)
* Count addition mode (ADD)
* Batch mode (from 1 to 100 sheets)
Max. setting number * New banknote/Approx. 180 sheets
* Used banknote/Approx. 120 sheets
Counting speed Normal 18 sheets/sec., Middle 13 sheets/sec., Low 8 sheets/sec.
Display 3 digit LED (Display mex. 3,999 sheets by dot indication)
Countable sheet size Min. 130 x 50 mm, Max 180 x 100 mm
Local and foreign banknote, book tokens, exchange tickets, etc.
Power supply * SUM-3 Alkaline battery x 4 pcs.
* Genuine AC adaptor ADA-100 (5V, 1A)
Power Comsumption * 4200 mW (while counted), 180 mW (standby)
With auro-power off function (LED brightness reduced)
Battery life More than 100,000 sheets can be counted (using Alkaline batteries)
External Dimensions 188 x 90 x 46 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 430 g (including SUM-3 batteries, 4 pcs)
Optional Items for AD100
Install Box

Install Box:
To count small sized tickets or card

AC Adaptor

AC Adaptor ADA-100